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Briefly and clearly about SARMs (Sarms)

SARMs (Sarms) are drugs that have been developed as a safe alternative to drugs with a steroid structure and which have a selective, narrowly targeted effect. Replacement of anabolic steroids was required due to their pronounced side effects – inhibition of the hormonal, digestive and nervous systems. Against the background of steroids, SARMs look in a better light – only slightly inferior to them in terms of effectiveness, they have a minimum number of side effects. What are SARMs (SARMs), how effective are they and how do they differ from AAS? SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators. This means that active substances of this class selectively act on nerve endings, contacting only sex hormone receptors. Depending on the pharmacological properties of drugs, SARMs can either stimulate or block neuronal activity. Since sarms belong to the class of androgen-like substances, their action is directed to androgen receptors in the cell. They are responsible for several important metabolic processes for

  • athletes:
  • muscle hypertrophy;
  • connective tissue restoration;
  • bone tissue regeneration;
  • fat burning.

Sarms is a new class of compounds, the discovery of which has become a real breakthrough in the field of sports pharmacology. Today, pharmaceutical companies are conducting numerous studies that allow them to comprehensively explore all the possibilities of selective modulators and create improved drugs for medicine and sports. Initially, steroidal and non-steroidal types of sarms were developed, but it was decided to abandon the former due to low efficiency and dubious safety. Currently, only non-steroidal SARMs are used in sports, which have all the benefits of this new generation of compounds.

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